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Pokémon GO deploys the scariest monsters for Halloween

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Pokémon GO has been a milestone in this technological world in which we operate today. Since it was released, got that, literally, millions of people to explore the streets of their towns and villages to hunt those creatures emerging from the augmented reality is one of the most significant points of the game designed and created by Niantic Labs.

He furor by Pokemon GO, but is responsibility of the team that it develops that those players that it continue playing, can access to new content. Such is so, that not want leave the opportunity of the night of Halloween for deploy those small monsters that, from the day 26 of October until the 1 of January, will arise of it nothing to propose them adventures more terrifying.

Those Pokemon special that can Add to your collection of hunting, are rare and only will appear during those days in which Niantic Labs them will draw of its closure to invade the streets of all the planet.

Pokémon GO

So don’t waste the opportunity these days, since even is to multiply the percentage of candy by four times, so it is a great time to return to the game, if you left it for lack of content, and thus prove that update that came in the last days and add things quite interesting as patterns for the eggs hatch depending on the distance necessary to incubate them.

If they do not need to update anything for those days of Halloween, since done from the server side so that those Pokemon transformed into monsters emerge from nowhere and can hunt down them with your coach. An interesting moment which is living this game, not by the fact that has lost this general interest for the first few weeks, but because fewer people have more content to enjoy.

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