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Pokémon GO has crossed the figure of $ 1,000 million in revenue

Pokémon GO

Tsunami Pokémon GO swept the beaches of gaming on the mobile in the summer of 2016. Such was the rush that broke all kinds of records and was able to reach the $ 500 million faster than any app in history.

It is now when has obtained another record to keep it in their windows and thus remember it when older team launched this augmented reality video game. It is today the fastest game to reach the 1,000 million dollars.

While we are in a moment past the fashion of Pokémon GO that he filled the squares of cities and towns in the Pokeparadas, we have a new report from the Sensor Tower analysis firm.

To give the record a bit of context to better understand, a recent report from App Annie estimated that Android and iOS developers won among all 35,000 million dollars last year. Pokémon GO made 1,000 million dollars in six months and without a launch in China, the largest global smartphone market. The feat is such that it has been faster than other video games that are approaching that figure such as Candy Crush Saga and Puzzles & Dragons.

Sensor Tower obtained this figure by comparing a graph with income of Pokémon GO another game recognized by all, Clash Royale of Supercell. Clash Royale got near the $ 550 million in its first seven months. SuperCell is a study that is renowned for being able to throw well addictive games, but to speak in its favour, it did not have the Pokemon name under his belt, but it has had to invent a game from scratch.

This signature estimated that Pokémon GO away from his moment of lucidity more economically. Now it will be making 1.5 to 2.5 million dollars per day, far from those 18 million won.

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