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Pokemon GO has pierced the figure of 50 million of downloads in Google Play

Pokémon GO

This morning has changed the list of the figure of downloads of the Google Play Store for Pokemon GO. Yes, that little number that indicates the amount of downloads has changed to appreciate now that this game has passed the 50 million downloads to 20 days be released from regional form in three countries: United States, New Zealand and Australia.

Since that day, Niantic has been able to gradually increase the list of countries that have been able to download the game officially from apps and video games store. This has also gone on a par that the capacity of the servers so that they can withstand the great affluence of public , and as this title has been able to change the habits of millions of people around the world.

And is that if are talking of the overcoming of those 50 million of downloads, not can tell still that has been released of form global, since still Niantic publishing the game according to goes adding more servers. If those servers to collapse which you could roll would be good fat, since if one moves a time close to a pokeparada or a gym, can be seen as groups of two or three people appear looking at all their phones.

A videogame denoting the popularity that figure of 50 million downloads and is able to add more facilities to some important apps from other companies that own Google. Come on, that if it continues at this pace will be able to overtake Instagram on Android in less than one month of existence.

Pokémon GO is already a social phenomenon we’re only seeing that its principles and that we really know your institution for the coming months. A Pokemon GO of which we know that will arrive news for the next months and years.

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