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Pokemon GO reveals to the leaders of team and Announces News: new pokemon and capacity for trade

Pokémon GO

We were expecting some of those belonging to the Niantic Labs team appear at all and it announced news that will soon arrive to Pokemon GO, since this game has a core that he allows you to add new products and features to enlarge the possibilities of game. We miss the possibility to trade at the same time that lacking a chat with which we can communicate with each other (although we have this app), so that much remains to be known about Pokémon GO.

At Comic-CON, John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Labs, has spoken about the release Pokémon GO and new features that will make their debut in the coming years, among which include the emergence of new Pokémon and the capacity to trade that will allow players Exchange Pokemon. Niantic revealed team leaders for instinct, courage and wisdom, Hanke declaring that each leader will offer help to the players.

Hanke revealed that new Pokémon will be shown in the game:

There is a certain group of Pokemon in the game right now. There are a few that are quite rare, which have not yet appeared, but that will be emerging gradually. And there are some other more in the universe, something for which we are excited to continue for the next few years.

Without giving a date in specific, Hanke said that it feature for trade will be appearing in the game of form eventually:

Trade is not yet in Pokémon GO, but is something in which we are working to bring it to the product. You do not entusiasméis I too still, we must ensure that servers remain active.

Hanke also said that them updates for the training is found as an of them main of the list to do and also was commenting on details about them pokeparadas customizable:

It’s a very interesting idea that you can purchase an object that changes the function of a pokeparada and gives it to a new skill

Now will have that keep us patients to these new features that will be coming some before others.

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