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Pokemon GO touch ceiling and begins now a constant fall in users and downloads

Pokémon GO

They are multiple signatures of analysis that are studying the phenomenon of Pokémon GO. The use of this game that has transformed the daily life of millions of people, it seems that it has peaked, what you could expect from any product that explodes in the way in which Pokémon GO has done since it was released.

The trend right now is a decrease in constant in users active daily, downloads and time consumed in the application. It is also normal to a phenomenon of the mobile and gaming that little can be compared, especially by the use of mobile devices that have helped him to find new spaces.

When launched in the month of July, Pokemon GO it was a tsunami that burst onto the scene in the mobile and gaming to leave upside down everything he had devised on augmented reality and what is this entertainment industry. Let’s just say that it has opened a new road or Groove by which will see new initiatives of new companies that will try to collect the witness to the success of Niantic Labs with its video game.


Apptopia data reveal that Pokémon Go came to have 45 million active users daily, to find is now about 30 million. The slowness of Niantic to solve bugs in the app, while some that another problem, has caused that not are so many them players casual which is climbing to this phenomenon.

Another reason is the lack of content, to what hopefully Niantic were ready and have been stepping to throw some more for the next months update that enables to follow those 30 million players daily that account and retrieve those first weeks that nearly ate the whole world. This week we have had a curious and little update.

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