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Pokémon GO will receive more Gen 2 pokemon on Valentine’s day

Pokémon GO

The plans for the next event of Pokemon GO are located with the day of them in love and seems to be that will be the time ideal for receive more monsters gene 2 or of the second generation. The changes to the code point in the APK the imminent launch of another wave of Pokemon Gen 2.

It is not that we know much of Niantic related this appearance for the day of lovers is celebrated around the world on February 14, but can almost be assumed that an update there are very interesting in the making. The last thing we heard was the amount entered Niantic Labs by Pokémon GO in 2016 and the appearance star in Christmas of the Gen 2.

Each of the most important holidays in the United States have been held in Pokémon GO with an event within the game. So if you follow this tradition, does not a surprise the next day as the anniversary of the launch of the game we saw so many events.

Pokémon GO

Once Ingress, the other game of Niantic, augmented reality is already established, the company began to keep events based on their own history of the game, more than the own narrative of the world in which it exists. The day of Thanksgiving, Christmas or the entry of the year, have been those special dates in the Niantic has been batteries.

Both for Valentine’s day and Easter of resurrection, a new oleda of new Pokémon of the Gen 2 that go to increase the Repertoire of the same is expected. That date of the 14 of February will be focused to the friendship, since in United States apart from what already know about the couples, for them children the day of San Valentin means also the friendship.

Eevee evolves into a couple of new Pokémon depending on the generation that the player is using. If Gen 2 is made available, both Umbreon and Espeon would be ready.

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