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Pokémon GO will soon debut a cooperative multiplayer mode

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is still a very popular all over the World game and on all mobile platforms. According to the latest statistics published by its developer, Niantic, the game now has more than 65 million monthly players.

Because of its enormous popularity among players in the mobile, Pokémon GO has even won the first prize in the category of best mobile game in the framework of the BAFTA Games Awards.

But this is not the only award picked up by Niantic by the development of Pokémon GO, since the title also has recently received the award to the Mobile game of the year by IGN, while BBC Radio believes that Pokémon GO is the “best game” in 2017.

Cooperative multiplayer mode

During the past weekend, the Studio Niantic has thanked everyone for the prizes at Pokémon GO, and also decided to share some details about what is to come in the future for the game.

Among the most outstanding novelties is the premiere of a cooperative for Pokemon GO multiplayer mode, which could be added soon to the game. According to Niantic, the new cooperative gameplay will be available to all players this same spring.

“With the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere, players must be attentive to the new experiences of cooperative game for Pokemon GO, that will give the coaches new and exciting reasons to return under the Sun”, said the company in a statement.

If still not you enjoyed Pokémon GO on your mobile phone, please do not hesitate to try it using the following download link:

Download: Pokemon GO (Free+, Google Play) →

We hope to soon emerge more details about the new multiplayer features in Pokémon GO. As soon as we know the release date new mode estate insurance that will be announced through this same category.

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