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PornHub wants to buy came to Twitter

PornHub quiere comprar Vine a Twitter

As you know the majority of you all, Twitter has decided to put an end to Vine, this social network starring micro videos from just six seconds in duration. However, despite this announcement, it seems that came still could survive, although in other hands, under another name, and contained much “hotter”.

Pornhub, an of them more platforms in internet of content audiovisual pornographic for almost all them tastes, has shown their interest by buy came now that their days are numbered. Viciosillos friends, will have enough videos of only six seconds?😂

I came could pass porn

While thousands of other users came put hands to work to download the videos uploaded to this social network until Twitter take padlock permanently, there are who want to seize the moment to become a new platform to distribute their content.

According to has informed CNet, “Pornhub is offers to buy Vine”. As he says this medium, PornHub Vice President sent a letter to Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, expressing you their interest in buying came once she has plans of the little bird blue by closing the service.

Since Twitter is suffering enough significant layoffs and that Vine has fallen, this purchase “Damn Daniel” would bring a bit of cash, and that in addition we would be saving some Vine’s mythical how, declared from PorHub.

Between them plans of PorHub for came is is, as already can imagine, the broadcasting of contained pornographic as according to the company, “6 seconds of sex are more than enough for the most of people”. Personally I do not have this so clear ?.

We will have to wait to see what just all this but to reach an agreement, no doubt of that Vine would be reborn hot from its ashes.

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