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Power Toogles, the best app to create a shortcuts bar at the backdrop of your Android notifications

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All is well known that one of the things that stands out the Android operating system, is its tremendous versatility and elasticity to accommodate the user interface to the taste of each without need to follow complicated tutorials of Flash and without the need to have a rooted terminal or anything like that. That is why on this occasion, I decided to teach them how to create a toolbar of shortcuts in the backdrop of Android notifications. A few shortcuts known by the technical name of Toogles, that we will be able to enjoy through the simple download and installation of a fully free application available officially in the Store Play from Google.

The application responds to the name of Power Toogles, a free application that does not need root permissions, and with which, as I show in the attached video with which we began this article, let’s create a shortcuts bar, Toogles, directly in the backdrop of reports of Android, also known as the taskbar. Then I leave the direct link to the free download of the application from the official store of Apps for Android, as well as I explain with detail, everything that gives us Power Toogles, which for me is the best app to get the role that we are discussing today.

What exactly is a toggle?

Power Toogles, la mejor aplicación para crear una barra de accesos directos en el telón de notificaciones de tu Android

A Toggle is what we in the Spanish translation know by the word Toggle or alternator. What do these toogles the our Android notification bar, or on your own desktop by creating a Desktop Widget, is precisely that, toggle or switch to the purest style of a conventional or switch button.


So if for example, if you click on the Toggle with the Bluetooth icon, this it will switch or toggle between start-up or shutdown of the aforementioned Bluetooth connectivity. If for example, the toggle that pressed has more likely that simple shutdown and power of the service, such as for example the toggle of sound that appears in the form of the icon of a speaker, in this case we will have more than two since each press we will change the status of the audio service of our Android on the levels stipulated from the application settings. For example, pressing once will reduce the volume to 50%, if we press a 25%, if pressed again will put it just silently turned on vibration, and so on.

What does Power Toogles?


Power Toogles offers to create a new toolbar of shortcuts in the backdrop of reports of Android, which is going to be fully configurable by the user both colors of background, size and color of the labels of the Toogles, colors of the Toogles turned on or off, the toogles bar background color, possibility of adding a second bar shortcuts or even configure and enable any toggle or switch which we are interested.

The application is very easy to use since it has a user interface very but very simple which in addition to being very intuitive is completely in Spanish, although if you have any doubt in your personalized Toogles barsettings, you can always take a look at the video that I have left in the header of this post , video in which I explain the main configurations of Power Toogles.

Download free Power Toogles from the Google Store Play

Download: Power Toggles (Free, Google Play) →

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