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Prism adds support for video, for the moment only in iOS


Soon will have to Prism offering the option of applying their special filters to those videos. Four days ago, they presented a music video which shows great ability to apply special filters to the videos that you want from this application. A prism that is serves of its algorithm to “see” in the images and apply those filters so creative.

Now has begun the beta for the support to video in Prism. Although this beta available nothing more than for iOS, you soon reach Android as it claims the design team of this app that has been able to move to stardom since he arrived to iOS and Android.

As passes with them photos, those users can record or choose a video of the Gallery and select one of them effects available to apply it. The videos are edited in a way offline on the device and will be nothing more than a minute to complete the entire process. They can record up to 15 seconds in length videos when using this feature.

This new functionality is located in phase beta in iOS and for the following days is will be deploying to more users as is knows. Although the videos only have a maximum duration of 15 seconds, always is you can relegate in video editors to join those clips being we are going to have a video of more duration.

With regard to the Android version, will come just after Prism release the update that contains the edition of images offline or offline. Another of the options that are taken in has, is the capacity for the creation of GIFs animated in the two platforms.

An interesting novelty to apply those filters creative in the videos you make with the camera of your mobile phone. You only need to wait a bit.

Download: Prism (Free, Google Play) →

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