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Prism soon will run of form offline


If Pokémon GO has been the video game which has reigned in this summer on the Google Play Store, Prism has achieved the same in the category of applications thanks to its excellence in filters that applies that it becomes almost a small work of art any photograph. A highly recommended app for everyone and that is located as the favorite for many users.

For iOS, is has updated with a novelty very interesting and this is that the processing of them images now is performed of form offline from the same device without have that be sent the image to them servers of it application to download the filter applied to the image. This means that you no longer need an Internet connection to be able to function properly and, therefore, now runs even faster.

Those first days that was this application in the Google Play Store had serious problems to be used due to the congestion of them servers that prevented that could apply all those filters wonderful that has.

Is now when apply a filter takes some few seconds with a smartphone that has a good processor as occurs in them past iPhones. It only that of the total of 32 filters that has right now the application, only are offline or without connection 16 of them.

That the app can now use filters without Internet connection, get the app servers are least busy, allowing that it may soon offer capabilities for video processing in the near future, as we met a few weeks ago.

This change in the mode offline of the application of time is available for iOS, but a update to Prism for Android would be punto’s get to it next week. For the occasion, the creators have clamado that the app has been installed 52 million of times and has kneaded 4 million of users daily.

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