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Prism, the app from fashion to art filters, now available at the Google Store Play

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From iOS tend to get apps of great quality and are accustomed to those apps that collect successes in that SO for devices mobile, not takes in arriving to our phones. An of them is Prism, that it had with us the week last in form of beta public, but that of a day for another closed the door to leave us with them desire of apply more filters of those wonderful. The patience maybe we could, but in a week already it have available in Android again.

And this time is of form official from the Google Play Store so all can download you this app that performs a work spectacular in the filters. While the vast majority of the most widely used filter apps, like Instagram, or Pixlr apply one on the image, Prism uses an algorithm to “see” what’s in the image, and apply a filter that nearly transforms the image or photograph in a work of art itself as you can see when you try it.

Prism is not an app that has all kinds of advanced options to change anything from photos, but on the contrary, is based more on a well basic options to bring out how powerful having the app: your filters. These them will have of all the reasons and although not have hundreds of them, which has are really very good.


You upload an image or do a photo, see the option to rotate the image and finally pass the selection of filters. You apply one, and with a gesture you can accentuate or reduce the filter applied. If you know well use this slider effect, different filters for images that you have created, can be combined with what combinations can be really striking if we have a little bit of creativity and talent to do so.


You have it for free from the Google Store Play without ads or anything that fog the great user experience that offers this great app for photo retouching. Essential for this time of the year.

Download the APK from here.

Download: Prism (Free, Google Play) →

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