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Prism will receive soon the ability to apply filters to videos


Prism has irrumpido this same week in Android for carry is them praises of thousands of users that have found an application that is capable of apply some filters as any other. That algorithm that “sees” the photo to then transform it in artistic way, allowed us to give a special touch to those photos that we share in these dates so ideal for social networking and messaging apps.

It is now Prism which has confirmed that soon will add support to the videos so that can apply their special artistic filters to these captures on video you make with your smartphone’s camera. Good news for lovers of the audiovisual to put the accent in these videos from that are passed by Prism would be otherwise quite different and surprising.

This app utilizes a unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence to help turn those moments into pieces of art. We are talking about an app that, in a few weeks, has been installed in iOS 12.5 million times since it was released on June 11 and has 1.55 million users active day by day that processed a total of more than 500 million images. In the part of Android, since it was released this past Monday, Prism has amassed 1.7 million downloads with 50 million images processed through the app.

According to Alexey Moiseenko, co-founder of Prism Labs, in a few weeks may use filters in the videos we make. Alexey has mentioned that they have updated the app, but they require a greater infrastructure for the largest burden of data coming from video editing. We really look forward to this update that will propose another type of videos that will flood the network with those filters so special and beautiful.

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