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Quidgets allows to launch widgets from the Android quick settings panel


Widgets are one of the peculiarities of Android, and while not everyone puts in their different desktops, there are many others that they need them to access the most important information that can offer an RSS reader or an app for lists to-do. One of his best qualities is that they allow us to access that information without having to open the app completely.

Quidgets is a new app that comes just in the moment in which the updates to Android Nougat are coming from different manufacturers. An app that lets you customize the widgets is to insert it into the quick control panel that slides down when we are in the notifications.

There are already some app that serves for almost the same, since the main function of Quidgets is that from any open app, you can open the notifications panel to adjust quickly and thus have that widget in particular. It is those apps that take advantage of one larger version of Android updates to give notice and to offer different options and alternatives to users.

Quidgets allows you to assign mosaics for quand launch any widget you want. Select some mosaics so so you customize them as you want and widget shown in the white frame when it is clicked. Apart from the visual setting, interacting with it is the same as if made from your desktop.

Simply give to edit mosaics in the Shortcuts pane, drag the mosaic to the space of quick adjustments and click in the to configure it. It must be said that this app can run on devices, while in others, even if you have even Nougat, you can not access to the. Will be question of that is go updating it app to be able to use it.

Download: Quidgets (Free, Google Play) →

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