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Race of zombies in a well fun with Deadly Run multiplayer

Deadly Run

This weekend almost can say that them racing van to take great part of those games that shall cast thanks to them games that pass by these lines as occurs every 7 days. We do not miss the appointment and try to bring some that you leave well stunned, while others are based more on the gameplay, without missing nor those more commercial than normally also have theirs. Games and more games on Android to follow engaged daily to our smartphone without can put you or cure or remedy. And is that not us matter much as the phone have that battery available for launch a game behind another.

Now plays the moment for some racing of zombies well crazy in which we will face to others three players by the podium end. A 2D that is the best excuse for put us ahead all type of obstacles and pits full of acid, that converted to the poor body of zombie in a liquid viscous of difficult pronunciation if is wants to enter in details. Deadly Run is a video game that knows how to play his cards and that surprised by how much fun that are the characters and the special way in which moves. More laughs are taken off when several players stumble with the same obstacles to understanding that it is human the Err.

Play against players from all over the world

Like so many other games, Deadly Run has a great multiplayer, but here is more live and live. This means that is in time real and not is asincronizado as a Hill Climb Racing 2 and others so many. This has its handicaps. For example, if play to a time in which not has many players connected of your region, possibly have that search the mode a player for take you some racing, so will have that search those hours of the evening, in which is more easy that find to players processed in zombies for take some good laughs to your costa , or they to it yours.

Deadly Run

The game is serves of the typical history of a revelation zombie, in which a horde of walkers see the location of the last redoubt human in the planet Earth. From this point of view, the zombies are focused on reach them the way in which it is possible, and it is here where you see a sign to be part of such horrendous story that this arcade game with a great bit of quality.

It is used well what you have in your way

Deadly Run makes you a series of contraptions on the road that you have to take or circumvent. The brain will help to improve the speed of the zombie, while others may get a good trastazo get. The most fun of this game is its multiplayer, since it implies some good rivalries, and more to know that we are talking about items in real time without that called asincronizado that gets the feeling of that play with more players, even if they are really savegames from the same.

Deadly Run

Here is where Deadly Run is differentiates, although as I have said, can occur that have that wait to appear players in line so can start the career. Customization of those zombies with a variety of clothing is well notable. Also can use different weapons to slow down to them opponents, so prepare you to take a good split in company.

Got you for free from the Google Play Store.

Technical quality

Deadly Run

It has a good development at all levels, but it is can blame a lack of performance at various times, which tarnished a little experience generally offered by this game. The idea is good, only need to update it a little more, but to still be in beta, means you might have those bugs.

Opinion of the editor


  • Great character design
  • Its not asincronizado multiplayer


  • It is in beta yet. Nothing to say

Download application

Download: Deadly Run (Unreleased) (+Free, Google Play) →

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