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Racing of cars spectacular between two players in the bright graphically CSR Racing 2

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The sprints between two players in a way asincronizada have had theirs in certain video games. The truth is that this asincronizacion, as has the Real Racing, allows us to have the feeling to be playing against most players, but the truth is not so. What happens to that you for the times that touch millions of people with smartphones, not take advantage of that multiplayer capacity, would be not to play with all the available cards on the table. Although still are waiting for that in some time, instead of be unsynchronized, have it sufficient speed of connection to connect to million in split dizzying and that us carry to other sensations in the gaming.

CSR Racing 2 is the new title of car races between players which has gone to another level in the graphic that close to almost perfection. If you are one of them lucky that have a range high with a chip Snapdragon 820, can live sensations new for a title that becomes centered also in the aspect multiplayer online in which can form a team, modify your cars and dominate the competition in events of equipment global. NaturalMotion and Zynga are responsible for bringing in world premiere the new CS racing, so if you are looking for breakneck racing, maximum piques and spectacular graphics, you are already taking to know everything that awaits you with this title.

Rivalries between two cars

For those who are not accustomed to this kind of video games, mechanics leads to race between two cars. Players select their car, which it will not be the best when the first batch is started, and will begin to climb through the levels of this racing game. According to you you progress through the game, you will be able to buy better cars to improve them with all kinds of components which will improve some features well identifying as the acceleration or maximum speed.

CSR Racing 2

Also can customize the appearance outside of the vehicle for so to identify you to others players, something essential in this type of games. And if you have that visual style rendering, you can find some rivals that they have done is to grow the envy among those who are trying to climb on the levels.

Great content is waiting for you

The variety of components that can be custom is an of its greatest virtues, for even to have of plates with license. If you want whether staining your hands, in the aspect of mechanics deepened a little to integrate nitros, the tire pressure or change the index of the marches. CSR2 has more than 50 cars with official licenses, so you’ll be before some engineering marvels such as some of the cars from Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani and Koenigsegg.

CSR Racing 2

Another advantage of this game is that you can even remove parts of the car that are not needed for having not so much weight, and it will help the acceleration. And those cars you can even teach them to other players from the same garage. For what regards the multiplayer, teams can be formed in which other players can participate to increase the total points of the same. You can participate in rivalries between two players, multiplayer tournaments and other events. CSR Racing 2 maintains that the games are synchronized and also offers a campaign for a player if like spend during a time of it multiplayer.

CSR Racing 2 is available for free from the Google Play Store with micropayments.

Technical quality

CSR Racing 2

A video game to bet on the possible higher graphic quality and this is noticeable since it starts a game. It is difficult to find a high quality rendering and 3D showing majestically. Only by this same, you should install it to check the graphic quality that can be treasured today an Android smartphone. Other technical components are also high.

Opinion of the editor


  • Grandeur graphics
  • Great multiplayer aspect
  • Design of cars and licenses


  • Nothing

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