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Reach the MIUI Xiaomi 8.2 do and MIUI 9?

MIUI 8.2

All users of Xiaomi waited eagerly remake MIUI adapted to Android 7 Nougat. But this has not happened. Instead of a new version of the operating system of the Chinese firm the Xiaomi have received an ‘improvement’ of the current 8 MIUI. MIUI 8.2 has come to Android devices with more grief than glory.

One thing that match the owners of Xiaomi is that personalization that makes Android is very good. The layer of customization MIUI is for many the best adaptation of Android that’s currently on the market. Sony and Samsung have very representative, but also much-criticized customization layers.

MIUI 9 will continue to do is wait

And although entry MIUI is something “Asian” is very easy to get used to it, even catch you affection. However, even if we like an operating system, I also like this update as well as the official Android versions. And so far, MIUI 9 is doing much to pray.

It is assumed that all current brand devices are going to upgrade to the new version. Something that makes Xiaomi have very good reviews. Not all the marks completely updated its line of smartphones when operating systems are updated. And although the order does not respect to “bumpers range” ahead of others, from the most basic to the most complete will receive this update.

Anyway, Xiaomi was in the spotlight for not upgrading your system Android 7.0. A version of Android that has been more than half a year running. Even having heard already of the next version of Android Xiaomi still did not adapt to the current version.

MIUI 8.2 is a new version, considered to be very superficial. Based primarily on bug fixes from the previous version rather than provide news. Some changes in the icons load and change of keyboard that could be considered to be positive. We can also discard notifications received from own lock screen.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2, así será el nuevo gran terminal

It has also solved a problem of freezing occurring when we entered in the Wi-Fi menu. And some defects with upper shade of notifications during the call. As we say few changes that are not simple improvements or corrections of any fault. Even cosmetic changes will be invaluable if we use some theme customization.

Therefore, MIUI 8.2, even if they are based on Android 7.0 has not managed to satisfy many. At the moment a version for the improvement of the existing MIUI is not considered an evolution as expected. Therefore, we hope the Chinese firm not make much more than expected to launch a new MIUI that brings real news and continue to improve the pace of the market.

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