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Ready LG to launch 4 new smartwatches and a payment system

LG Watch R

LG would be preparing is for the launch of four new smartwatches and a system of payments based on watches smart, according to is can know today itself. Quite a surprise after waiting for months already some news related to these wearables was taking one after the other when Android Wear was unveiled.

The Korean company recently registered the names LG Watch Style LG Watch Force, LG Watch Pro, LG Watch Sole and LG Watch Pay, which indicates clearly, that such products would be in production line ready to go coming over the coming year if all goes as it should go.

Surely that those four wearables we can remember to other so many smartphones series X in which each heading for a kind of distinct audience that prefers a big battery, as LG X Power terminal; one that promotes the secondary screen for notifications, the same LG X Screen; and the LG X Cam, which has focused its objectives on a great picture with that dual configuration in the camera.

Apart from these four smarwatches, also appears LG Watch Pay, which would indicate the system of payment of Korean for wearables manufacturer, although this would corroborate it in any way. LG already announced that launch your system of payment mobile, as Samsung or Apple, for October of the year last, although is has seen delayed on numerous occasions. Another report from September of this year indicated that LG’s mobile payment system would finally come in 2017.

What seems to indicate those 4 smartwatches is that focus is in an element a smartwatch le is coming well to the manufacturer Korean with the series X. Now hopefully see if is capable of repeating that “success” in the wearables.

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