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Realistic physics, customized vehicles and addictive games in Hovercraft: Takedown

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We are today one of the games that have entered within the nominated by Google to be displayed at the Indie Games Festival of 2016. A festival that Google wants to propel the games indies and those who can find your website on the Google Play Store to be globally recognized. Surely his great goal is that Minecraft that will bring millions of downloads or purchases and then switch to console and other stores. It is not easy, since that kind of games appear because Yes when he plays, but the truth, which put the necessary habitat to be developed, is vital, as happened with PCs.

Hovercraft: Takedown has entered through its quality among those 30 games indy that takes Google to the festival which will take place the coming month. A video game that uses a physics of objects produced good effects, custom vehicles that allow you to create your own great power of damage and an addiction in those races will almost become your new drug that you hook non-stop playing it. They are these three qualities which lead us to a great game in which await you hours and hours of entertainment of the kind, so if you are looking for racing car crazy you have today your great day of luck.

Create your hovercraft to fight against the bad guys

Almost as if you were in Mad Max, Hovercraft: Takedown is an action game in which you have to create your hovercraft to traverse those freeways as you can, since you will be a good crowd of enemies trying to destroy your hovercraft as it is.

Hovercraft: Takedown

Is the hovercraft which is serves of the physical of objects so, when receive shooting or blows of others cars, is go shedding of part of his vehicle to almost stay in nothing. It is here where we find one of the most striking of this game, as we will reach almost go with the car shattered to go using some of those weapons that we have located in the car. As our car emerges from different parts such as bonnet, other cars that we destroy will become obstacles in the road that we must avoid either way.

Customize your hovercraft

If we have that each part of your vehicle can be damaged, this also allows that, in customizing it, we can put different weapons wherever you want. Machine guns, lasers, missiles, and much more can be used to destroy enemy cars and cause crazy explosions of chain reaction. The truth is that this game has very fortunate in those moments the chaos sowing terror in the road.

Hovercraft: Takedown

You can equip your car with up to 6 weapons simultaneously and customize your equipment with thousands of combinations. You have rockets-automatic track-guided lasers tracking 360 degrees and sniper guns that you accurately at the wheel will allow you to destroy enemies at a great distance. You can improve the qualities of your car to drive it better by road as well as boost defense as attack power.

Hovercraft: Takedown

Hovercraft: Takedown is a fun, addictive and special video game that the more you play it more will hook you. Their careers can get to be very crazy, but in the moment that you pilles the trick going to enjoy and much.

Got you for free from the Google Store Play with obvious micropayments that will allow you to save you time in purchasing certain improvements or open those random cards that give you new powers, improvements and much more. A great game for Android.

Technical quality

Hovercraft: Takedown

Its originality in the development of the physics of objects we cam to different customizations for a game that boasts a visual style to the Minecraft with those cubes that will get that our vehicle is well special. The sound effects are right enough and possibly we’d like to see more variety when driving to the hovercraft.

Opinion of the editor


  • His great object physics gives lots of fun
  • Great customization of the hovercrafts
  • The chaos on road


  • It takes a few minutes until the fun is

Download application

Download: Hovercraft: Takedown (+Free, Google Play) →

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