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Rebuilds the city with the help of superheroes in Legends of Heropolis

Legends of Heropolis

Kairosoft is happening to the freemium model little by little. While it used to launch all your games with a one-time payment to enjoy everything from a circulation, there are now some titles releasing for free with micropayments, while there are others who have to pay for them but for greater rin tintin, then you are with purchases within the application. It is difficult to guess because they do this, but it will have no it clear with that business model continue. What we do know is that 95% of their games have enormous quality and since the early Android knew how to bring us, better than anyone, that retro pixel peculiar art of this study of videogames.

Everything fun from Kairosoft this summer, he has published another RPG Simulator of those hybrids that you both like and that typically arise in different game mechanics. Like other titles, you have to know how to manage, on this occasion, a group of heroes who will have to eradicate the evil of the streets. Apart from bringing back peace and order, you will have to rebuild the village completely, that it has been destroyed. This means that you can almost find with a kind of Sim City, this simulator in which you govern in a city and have to devise all the infrastructures so that citizens fully live their lives. So get ready to build new roads, houses, shops, industry and gather the necessary resources for them.

Rebuild the destroyed city

So first is presents us with a good set of Kairosoft where we already have a great mission to begin with her. You have to collect resources, you also need to get the money that try to build all these facilities and have the town as it was. The only problem is that Evilcorp, the company destroyed the village, can be yours to destroy it again, so you have to place defenses to stop them.

Legends of Heropolis

And what better than a group of superheroes that fight on your side, so you must set up one and take off the streets to the enemy who will try to put it well difficult to expert players who installed this new title from Kairosoft. A secret base also awaits you, so you have to build it to so train it to those heroes and that leaving it to combat the forces of evil. Legends of Heropolis brings us another great Simulator of those who engage in Android and that has everything to be one of the best additions with regards to the simulation.

Your group of superheroes

If already makes a month had another of Kairosoft with the management of a station of railway, with Legends of Heropolis have play for time. That retro visual style that envelops you with each title of this study of videogames has it here in her gala dress prepared to get hooked.

Legends of Heropolis

Kairosoft returns those simulators retro games that has put us in all possible areas and which now want to mix combat action over what is the reconstruction of an entire people. A video game that is available for free from the Play Store and has shopping within the application. It is the Freemium business model is adhering to that little by little Kairosoft and which at least lets us try to enjoy with the a bit.

Technical quality

Legends of Heropolis

Legends of Heropolis has several faculties such as the combination of gameplays and that successful visual style so characteristic of Kairosoft. The only thing that I have is that the graphic evolution have not it properly, and more preferred than these new previous games which, although they are retro, have some style that clashes.

Opinion of the editor


  • Combination of gameplays
  • Combat in real time


  • Permanent advertising

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