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Redungeon is the new and great dungeon crawler of Nitrome

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We have amateur video game from Nitrome , and whenever he throws one to the Google Play Store we pay to be vigilant to see that have been able to create. Two months ago we had a Leap Day, a vertical platforms with the great idea of updating every little bit to integrate a new level to satisfy the eager for this kind of video games. Nitrome characterized this game with great color, a successful level design and some good animations so that the jumps are continuous and that essence quality platforms. A quality that is often very well interpret this study for each of video games launches the Google Play Store.

Nitrome now has released a dungeon crawler of great quality in which in a pair of split us can be hooked to your gameplay and those traps varied that us will take before a style visual retro that is an of them features of this study of videogames. Redungeon puts you to the control of a bravo Knight who has entered a Dungeon in the hope of eliminating all creatures of the demon and that in that exploration will find all sorts of equipment. Some dungeons randomly generated whenever a game begins and that put us to try to beat the record of meters traveled earlier to share the score and the screenshot of our death.

Whole series of traps and enemies await you

Redungeon highlights the variety of mechanisms and enemies which will try that you cease your commitment to clean those demons and creatures of the underworld dungeons. The rooms that you to explore will be filled with traps or enemies of all forms. Not be the bosses to face them, so that these three elements are mixed to not ever knowing what awaits you in each game that you take to this dungeon crawler.


As good dungeon crawler can get skills, unlock characters and be fascinated by the combination of obstacles that will need your mental acuity to get as far as possible in each game. The movement is performed with the cursors virtual or mismamente with swipes. When you start the game you can choose between these two types of movement, so it will depend on what you are accustomed you can use gestures to angry out of those hundreds of enemies that are waiting for you.

Variety of content

Redungeon highlighted by dozens of complex traps that have been designed in a successful way to get difficult things and is in the random generation of levels where one of its strongest points. Being each separate item, we will have to focus on all of the traps that appear as the orbs with rays or that string of ballestas hoping to hit with their powerful arrows to discourage us to continue to move forward.


One of the details that has this dungeon crawler is the music by Dave Cowen, guilty of which can be heard on Leap Day and Rust Bucket. Also, all those characters that you can use have their own unique abilities that incites to unlock them. And it is here where entered directly to the freemium model of this videogame that micropayments will allow access to the rest of the content more quickly.

A game that does not leave or a second of respite (if you stand appear demonic creatures to kill you) and that is highly recommended for several reasons, others I leave you to discover it.

Technical quality


Like other titles from Nitrome, the technical realization is perfect. Many pixels, great visual tone and a very colorful to make all these games offer the best feelings for that, after death, return to play another game. Almost we could give you a ten in this sense with a great design also characters and various monsters and mechanics.

Opinion of the editor


  • Levels which are generated randomly
  • His retro style
  • Variety of traps and enemies


  • Cost a lot the other characters

Download application

Download: Redungeon (*, Google Play) →

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