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Released the first video teaser of OnePlus 3

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OnePlus has been a company that has known how to play their cards very well in these few years of life which has and which, thanks to a very special way of using the network of networks, has managed to save a lot of money on advertising. Since these invitations limited to a few users up to a program called “The Lab” that will give the opportunity to 30 users that access to the analysis of a OnePlus 3, has shown having great ideas in his head.

After learning yesterday itself that he is no longer needed an invitation to acquire the OnePlus 3 June 15, on its release, now have the first video teaser of this flagship which will be one of the cheapest ones to have a Snapdragon 820 chip in our hand. The video has been released from OnePlus India on YouTube and they are nothing more than six seconds of video where does not reveal anything in particular about the design or specifications, but what you get is to lift more specifications.

It is the real reason for these videos in which they try to put good long teeth to the user who is waiting for its launch in order to buy it. Although one doubts that puts this video is showing the official launch time for what would be on June 14 in our parts, but that it would be June 15 for China as the company confirmed. We will leave that some days go by and we can get out of this small mess of dates.

Another of the curiosities of the video is that terminal OnePlus 3 can be purchased from Amazon on an exclusive basis, so already you can be waiting for that appointment to refresh the page and you can choose to purchase one of these units.

OnePlus has also stated that on 6 June in China it will sell 1,000 OnePlus 3 units in a sale of such flash and fame gave to Xiaomi at the time.

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