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Researchers create a panel OLED that can be put as if outside clothing

OLED Flexible

While we keep hoping that at some point will revolutionize the battery technology, the truth is that on the issue of the screens hardly cannot complain, since in these last years we have had some new additions to the industry which are very interesting would who would tell us years ago that we could have a smartphone with curved sides as the S7 Galaxy edge?

Researchers in South Korea are now those who have created a panel OLED that it can be taken as if it were clothes. The technology was announced last week by teams of KAIST research, a Korean University, and the Kolon Glotech materials maker.

Panels OLED flexible they have previously been developed, but they have been limited by its durability. Them panels OLED is can break easily and, as those materials are hard and tend to increase in size when taken heat, ensure that is kept intact is well difficult.


Them researchers of KAIST and Kolon Glotech have discovered a form to avoid those problems with the durability with its new technology, which keeps stuck the panel OLED to a material type glass that retains the flexibility of them materials.

Choi Kyun-chul, leader of the team KAIST, has a few words:

OLEDs textiles which are more flexible than plastic and it has one higher resistance is expected to contribute to the development of screens wearables.

The OLED manufactured through this process have lifetimes of over 1,000 hours of use or 3,500 hours when they are in sleep mode. If you buy, panels OLED modern televisions have 60,000 – 70,000 hours of life time.

What is unknown is when this technology could be implemented for business solutions, so we will have to wait a bit to be able to get a jacket that incorporated a screen in the manga.

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