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Resistance test: Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 network

Test de caídas Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Red

The new flagships of Samsung, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 +, look really impressive in comparison with previous generations of the same range. Both devices have glass on the front and rear panels, while its “Edge” curved screens occupy almost the whole front.

The name youtuber TechRax has decided to test the Samsung Galaxy S8 in a “drop test” to see what resistance is now, the new smartphone before several crashes. For reference, in the same video also subjected the same iPhone 7 red falls.

Evidence of drops in the S8 Galaxy vs. iPhone 7 Red

At the beginning of the video, loose TechRax 7 network iPhone from a height of 1.5 meters and upright, but the phone was fully intact despite having fallen directly with the screen down. That Yes, the painting suffered several damages in the corners.

Releasing the Galaxy S8 from the same height of 1.5 meters and in a vertical position, the Samsung smartphone nor suffered any kind of scratch, although the part that touched the ground showed a small discoloration.

Already in front fall tests, 7 red iPhone was with broken screen. In addition, the device went off and did not ignite. In the same test, the S8 Galaxy also suffered damage on its screen, although it was not completely destroyed and touch panel continued responding to user interactions.

What is certain is that from a height of 1.5 meters, Gorilla Glass 5 Crystal can not protect the S8 Galaxy screen.

If you want to avoid any bad experience, Samsung sells a wide range of cases and protective covers for its new flagships, including silicone, Clear Cover, leather Alcantara or Keyboard covers.

Although the smartphone look much better without cover, these accessories can help you to protect it better from occasional downturns.

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