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Retro City Rampage DX you challenge with his world open, graphic retro and winks to those 80

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Happy new year to all! And that better way that start with this title that baby of the source of inspiration that is GTA. Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto series is an ode to video games by the ability that has give users great freedom when you browse those cities that has been based, as they have been Miami, New York or Los Angeles. A franchise that led us to the most exciting stories, although taken from those films as Scarface, starring as Al Pacino, to realize that to succeed in those worlds open needed some different skills such as knowing a drive in high range, jumping from skyscrapers or diving to great depths to find secret.

We are part of those games swarming on Android for a few years, although if we looked for one which put the accent on retro and a successful objective which is to bring us almost to the arcade machines of yesteryear, Retro City Rampage DX would be and is the best choice. A video game that stands out with much style ochontero and that has a world open that is opens to them feet of the protagonist of this crazy history in which the blood, them shooting and the madness without brake is merged in a cocktail in which the fun will fill our hours of game. Another of those games that are capable of define a 2016 full of great style in the gaming and that to end the year is of it best that can get to install in the memory internal of our smartphone.

To the Miami Vice but boundless in imagination

Since one is opens step by the city imagined by the designer of this game, knows already to those few seconds that has game to enjoy you during much time. Style is visual retro is perfect for the mission that is in this game that will take you to more than 60 missions and 40 challenges through an open world that is ready for you to explore.

Retro City Rampage XD

Retro City Rampage DX becomes very challenging since the shop Steam for PC with very good reviews and showing is as a game with much muscle. You put in the skin of a criminal without regard and has great delight by pulling the trigger without much thought. Games as this make and us encourage to use our credit in it Play Store or that pass the card to remove all a great style for what is it mechanical and wildness that will emerge of the screen of our device.

More than 25 weapons, powers special and 50 types of vehicles

As good Vehicles, weapons and vehicles are two of the elements that you quench fun until you drop. Use a style unmistakable 8-bit and this serves to show a story full of criminals, mafia and police who try to stop the crazy and quirky protagonist.

Retro City Rampage XD

More than 60 missions, 40 challenges, more than 25 weapons and up to 50 vehicle types are all the contents that you have waiting for you, and that is nosolvide 200 customizations than the main character. Almost not ask more to a game that you won’t find it for free, but you will have to pay his € 5.49 which costs. Is worth every penny, so no lack motivation to buy, returns much to change.

Retro City Rampage XD

References to pop culture, video games and films, so that even on the first mission do you remember Super Mario and Duck Hunt, or mythical films such as back to the future. A game that can create school if the developer update it with more content, which would actually be preferable, since it has a large base or core to add more things.

Technical quality

Retro City Rampage XD

A delight visual is what emanates this game on the screen of your smartphone. The variety of vehicles, the blasts of pixels and all their graphics is concentrated in a single mission, that have to a small jewel that hovers the style visual retro to it more high. Nothing, does not escape him only is that you buy it so you can enjoy it as if you were in an episode of Miami Vice.

Opinion of the editor


  • Great diversity of content
  • A GTA pixelated on Android
  • His frenetic pace


  • Nothing

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