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Retro Shooting, a shoot ‘ em up enormous quality and of great simplicity in all its facets

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Sky Force Reloaded has been revealed as the best shoot ‘ em up for the now on Android. A spectacular game in all its technical aspects and that it achieved that one engages much to everything that has to be discovered. They almost achieved perfection graphically and those levels of difficulty of each of the levels, get one get up and nerves to be before all an apotheosis in screen when reach ships, missiles and all kinds of attacks everywhere. A very special game and for lovers of the shoot ‘ em up is one of those indispensable thing to play to know that there are certain titles that are able to make us remember these legends of the 80s and 90s in this category.

Retro Shooting is a game that comes without attracting much attention, but that wastes quality on all sides. Plays with that aspect graphic so particular to it retro, although is formed by cubes to the Minecraft or Crossy Road. Of those games that you will be cajoling gradually so that you’re realizing you there is more than it appears at first. Also, their simplicity makes defender of immerse us in a game where we can find to those first vessels enemy that will let us control of ours and put us to the tutorial that will show the basic steps to get to this small surprise called Retro Shooting.

A little surprise as a great shoot ‘ em up

Retro Shooting has all these facets and features that allow us to recognize you as a shoot ‘ em up in the first match that we take. We can gather all those coins that drop ships enemy when they are destroyed, as well as the stars of power that will allow us to improve some of the qualities of the ship so that you treasure more power, a defensive shield or other types of attacks that we find as we go forward in this interesting arcade.

Retro Shooting

When we get one of those stars of power, we have to perform a double click to assign the kind of power that we want to choose. At the beginning we will have between defence and attack, so it is well recommended to select the second to thus destroy all those enemies that appear from all possible sides more easily. As we go collecting coins, we can use them to improve the weapons or defenses of the ship, as we can choose new ships with greater power of destruction and other skills.

Complete challenges and special missions

If there is something that stands out in Sky Force Reloaded are the achievements that we have to get to be able to move on to other levels. Here at Retro Shooting, we have a few missions and special challenges that we will be assigned. This will give you more content to the game and will lengthen the time you are playing it.

Retro Shooting

It also has final boss to keep all the tension when you find it. You can throw in lack is that not heading can be synchronized between different devices, since to be optimized for tablets, supposed that we will play in several terminals. Anyway, you can compete via Google Play with your friends to get to the top of the rankings in infinite mode. Remember that if you erase the local content, also disappears the game, so it is recommended that you do a backup of the folder of the game.

A game of great quality that it must free from the Google Store Play with micropayments to buy coins.

Technical quality

Retro Shooting

Retro Shooting has a special touch at retro, but with the essence of the cubic form of Minecraft and Crossy Road. Makes exceptionally and has a high quality in all of its technical elements. The sound effects are very well made and highlights the care of the home screen that puts us quickly with what we find in the game.

Opinion of the editor


  • Great gameplay
  • A very well used retro style
  • It has that “one” who like


  • There are no more games like this

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