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Returns the dog sausage of Nitrome with Silly Sausage Doggy Dessert

Nitrome not is so prolific in launch many video games as itself it is Ketchapp Games, but each one of which publishes to the Play Store are well full of quality, addiction and a special touch to that genre in which is gets of full as tend to be them platforms or arcades. It is not easy to give your special touch, but it is true that Nitrome succeeds, with greater or lesser success in those titles that we have been testing in these last years. One of that studies of indy video games that have a great predilection for retro pixelated in the visual and that they are worth of the currently popular categories on the mobile.

Silly Sausage Doggy Dessert is the new Nitrome with returning to bring that special character that was the dog sausage in its first edition. That dog sausage that is capable of stretch is almost of form unlimited, will cover those levels so seas aware of its capacity for exit airy in all them levels that you proposes Nitrome with its new video game special for these dates as Christmas. See that us holds this new edition of a dog sausage that again to exit to the palestra to give is to know and by be the character that returns to them andadas from Nitrome, so not would be strange that back in a third time in Android.

Dog sausage which stretches and stretches…

For those who have played to Silly Sausage, returns the same gameplay, although more content in the form of levels. For those who have not tried it, we can tell you that the game mechanics consist of a sausage dog actor who has the great ability to lengthen the extension of your body to reach any part of the level where he is. Its size is not infinite, it has a limit, but will give us enough to perform swipes and to discover the rest of the level in which we are.

Silly Sausage

The curious thing about the sausage dog is that, to lengthen the body, we have to be careful that not this trip with an enemy or obstacle with spikes that make us lose the game. This is its greater simplicity and greatest virtue, but also our biggest headache. We go collecting coins and have more new confrontation against bosses. This feature is the big difference, since if we didn’t know that you game we are playing, we could almost not knowing the differences between the first and.

Battles against bosses end

The feeling that offers is that seems that Nitrome had found a character that you has given much popularity, but the truth is that not are before those characters by all known as can be the Angry Birds or Mario. Can be truth that bet by a character that has its attractive, can convert you to it long in one well known, but return to the same mechanical without offer nothing more than as novelty what are them heads late and a mode based time, as us knows to little, unless for which have tested its first title.

Silly Sausage

Of all forms, is a video game that has great quality in it technical and is note to the first of change that are to the level of quality that requires Nitrome in their games. What does not understand is the lack of originality in the content, as seems more a update that a game in if.

You have of shape free from the Play Store.

Technical quality

Silly Sausage

Nitrome Play Store with the sausage dog again, but apart from the good technical quality, gives us the feeling that we have an update. It has a nice touch on performance, sound effects, animations, level design, but is missing something more to be a part of truth.

Opinion of the editor


  • Great touch in the retro of the pixel
  • Most of Nitrome


  • Seems more like an update

Download application

Download: Silly Sausage: Doggy Dessert (+Free, Google Play) →

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