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Ride over most wild animals in Rodeo Stampede, the new Yodo1 Games

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Yodo1 Games is the study of games behind the great Crossy Road who not long ago launched the most animated version with Disney Crossy Road. A video game that has marked a before and after for this visual style with cubic shape that drank from the source of inspiration that Minecraft has meant to the world of video games. A distinctive style for games of this study of videogames that helped him to become one of the illustrious names now in the panorama of the games on the Google Play Store.

Now brings us his new bet so you have to pipe this summer that has entered directly with very hot and is called Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari. A game in which several gameplays mingle: one, in which you have to ride on all kinds of animals, and the other, in which you will have to manage a zoo you will visiting new areas to find in them live parts that will become the main attraction so that more families visit the facilities. A game that takes the good do Yodo1 games to your device for free this summer that has just begun.

All kinds of wild animals capture with rope

We started our adventure in Rodeo Stampede from the loins of the first animal that we assemble. The gameplay in this part is quite simple when one enough dominates it, because at the beginning we will have to ask ourselves with the formula that means make a long press to release the finger and so our protagonist jump forward to bring an area in yellow which indicates that animal that is on it can be ridden.

Rodeo Stampede

If this is a new animal that we don’t have in our Zoo, if we are sufficiently skilled to keep us on its back for a few seconds, will be with him and we will add you to our zoo. From there we will move to own the zoo management where we will have to get better facilities, opened the zoo and engage the audience with new wild animals. As we go forward, we will have to take the Zoo and take it to another area to explore them and find those elephants and other species.

It extends and manages your Zoo

Yoda1 Games brings a fun game in which everything is very well designed. The part of more action, in which we have to hunt new animals, will allow us to pass from one animal to another for more speed. That said, such as wild animals we will have a time limit in which you can ride them, since when you are finished it will begin to throw kicks to throw us down. We also have to take care of us to overcome obstacles like other animals to avoid having to start over with the stampede.

Rodeo Stampede

The goal is to get more animals and the zoo has more variety of them to attract more families. More families visiting means more money to the coffers with which we can update the facilities.

A fun game in which the combination of gameplays is its biggest point of attraction to encourage you to have the most interesting Zoo in the region. It is available from the Google Store Play with obvious micropayments.

Technical quality

Rodeo Stampede

Rodeo Stampede you embroider it in every way. The design of the animals, the main character or the zoo is worth mentioning. His animations are also very accomplished and the Stampede has his fun with new animals.

We have a set of Yoda1 Games which is noticed quickly that has that Holy and password which have been able to bring to the games that are in the Google Play Store. Rodeo Stampede is a game of great quality that will take you ahead many hours until you get all the animals that have to unlock.

Opinion of the editor


  • Great design
  • Its combination of gameplays
  • Animal animations


  • Nothing

Download application

Download: Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari (Free*, Google Play) →

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