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Runkeeper 7.0 adds groups to challenge to your friends to go to run

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There are a variety of apps to run to enable us to know the evolution in the exercise we do daily. Between all these apps, there are some that stand out in ample form and give to create articles like this from two months ago in which I encourage you to try them, since they have their own advantages and qualities. One that stands out in ample form is Runkeeper, an app to run it has everything you can expect an application of this type and that shows that there is a large space for the evolution in features.

Surely that are many who use these apps to chop you with friends when share the route through Facebook, and is here where Runkeeper comes with a new feature that encouraged to create a group for runners. You can choose the challenge that want to compete with friends and establish the duration of the challenge, invite those who want to participate and a fun naming the group. With Runkeeper go to run with friends and not will be equal.

With the creation of this group, you will be able to see the progress of each of the runners and chat on the Group page to encourage them or chop them slightly. Always in a group, it is easier to cheer up and try to beat the own record one, apart from the fact that the motivation is different. Runkeeper has had a great idea to introduce this great novelty for your application.


So tomas a challenge any, invite to your friends, are tanto of the progress of each one and will have even the chat to launch you messages without having that relegate in others applications. The group will be always present from the tab’s challenges, so keep an eye on it.

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