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Samsung accumulates chips Snapdragon 835 forcing competition to use older processors

Snapdragon 835

A new information posted today and apparently corroborated by multiple sources says in the address of that Samsung is accumulating the largest part of the stock of processors Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. ¬†This would be causing that their competitors will see “forced” to use the old processor Snapdragon 821, also of Qualcomm, in their new phones smart.

This new processor Snapdragon 835 of last generation of Qualcomm is being manufactured by Samsung, and is very likely that the Galaxy S8 is the first smartphone in incorporating it in their guts.

It is claimed to the information, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S8 April 14 days and any Android smartphone released prior to that moment will be the processor Snapdragon 835.

As examples of this circumstance are designated LG G6, which this morning saw the first official image, and the HTC U Ultra, both with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip.

As you look from Sammobile, the truth is that still not carried out a comparative face to face and independent between Snapdragon 821 and 835 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, so it is not entirely clear what will be the new chip with respect to the former. The 821 has already proven to deliver a “robust performance” in relatively recent devices such as smartphones Google Pixel and the OnePlus 3 T.

A manufacturer of smart phones Android has declared The Verge to 835 Snapdragon chip was never going to be ready for the renewal of the annual early spring of many Android phones.

In any case, it seems that the agreement between Samsung and Qualcomm to make the South Korean is responsible for the manufacture of new processors 835 is giving some advantage over rivals, “Although the company normally maintains a strict separation between its divisions of manufacturing components and consumption”.

From the magazine Forbes speculates that Samsung would be enjoying privileges that would allow him to become the first processors Snapdragon 835 leaving little or nothing for other manufacturers of Android devices.

So, it seems that indeed Samsung will be the first to launch a smartphone with the processor Snapdragon 835, while the rest may have to wait until the summer.

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