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Samsung and LG screens with four curved edges preparing

Galaxy S8 Plus

S7 edge Galaxy or Galaxy S8 curved screens have great appeal for consumers, but it seems that Samsung wants to take things even further and is preparing for the development of a screen with all the curved edges.

Several reports of Korea point out that Samsung is working on a screen without bevel that will have all the curved edges, including top and bottom.

The technological challenges of Samsung and LG.

Samsung and LG must overcome several technological barriers to implement fully curved screens in its next flagships. The biggest problem of all is apparently related to the lamination process, so we still have to wait at least one couple of years until you see some phones with this type of screen.

As reported, when a screen lacks frames and is curved on the four sides, four corners become useless, since the process of lamination will void the possibility of incorporating tactile sensors in those areas.

The lamination process is essential for the manufacture of displays OLED, since it includes the protective layer and the touch film, apart from other components. Apparently, one of the main reasons why Apple decided to adopt screens OLED flat iPhone 8 specifically is the process of lamination, which leads to several problems.

He is expected that Samsung fix this issue until next year and announce a smartphone with four edges curved shortly afterwards, although we doubt that this device is the Galaxy S9, but you never know.

The Galaxy S8 came recently to the market with an 83% pantalla-cuerpo relationship, but the company wants to achieve a higher aspect ratio and a few almost imperceptible bezels for its next flagship.

On the other hand, LG also works on the new technology of curved screens, but it is still not known if LG G7 or other smartphones the company could incorporate it the coming year.

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