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Samsung and Qualcomm are beginning to prepare the processor for the Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

It makes just a few days than the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have been released, but South Korea, a new report indicates that Samsung and Qualcomm have already begun to work on the new mobile processor that will be used in next flagship company, Galaxy S9.

Taking into account that the new S8 Galaxy is the Snapdragon 835, probably the Galaxy S9 processor called Snapdragon 845. Also, when finished with the development of the new SoC will start its production in mass either by TSMC or well by Samsung.

Snapdragon 835 is being manufactured by Samsung on the basis of its process of 10nm, and promises to 27% greater performance and 30% more efficiency compared to the predecessor models based on the process of 14nm. Probably the Snapdragon 845 will provide even more performance and efficiency, but for now it is too early for specular facts.

Not long ago, Samsung also wakefulness the second generation of its manufacturing process of 10 nanometers, which increases performance by 10% and improves by 15% the energy consumption versus the first generation of 10nm chips.

The development of the Galaxy S9 has begun

Shortly after the launch of the S8 Galaxy, Samsung gave beginning to the development of the Galaxy S9 earlier than normal in order to ensure that the next terminal is as perfect as possible and without any problems like those that occurred with the Galaxy Note 7.

According to the first reports on the matter, a team responsible for the screen for the S9 Galaxy began to send the first samples in mid-April, while at the end of may the company will be to prepare other key components as modules.

As to the processor of your S9 Galaxy, Samsung surely will be the same strategy as in the case of the Galaxy S8, pulling out models with processor Snapdragon or Exynos depending on the different markets.

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