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Samsung announced record results for the first quarter of 2017

As the South Korean giant prepares to begin selling its new smartphone logo, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, and although Samsung will not issue official data until Friday, analysts predict record profits for the first quarter of 2017 that would confirm that neither the disaster of Galaxy Note 7 or corruption, scandals make dent in the company.

Samsung shares approaching peak values record having won nearly 17% since he started this new year. As they are running many analysts, the numbers are particularly impressive, given that the President of the company, Jay and Lee, is involved in a corruption scandal and is currently being tried on bribery and other charges.

Capacity of Samsung to overcome traumatic circumstances such as the aforementioned relies mainly on its memories market dominance NAND flash, and memory chips boom driven by demand for servers and smart phones.

Estimates suggest that its operating profit from January to March could reach 9.4 billion won ($ 8.44 billion), which would be the biggest benefit of the South Korean company since the third quarter of 2013. Within that amount, only its chip division is 5.8 trillion won.

With all of this, analysts maintain an attentived frankly optimistic about prospects for Samsung. The Galaxy S8 has been greatly praised after his presentation on March 29, and expected their sales to exceed those of the S7 Galaxy and established a new record for the company.

“We believe that the S8 series will definitely be a great flagship to Samsung and will help you to win share from market […] The launch of the iPhone completely renovated 8 will also be threatening, but there is also a pent-up demand of Samsung devices that moves last year due to the disappearance of Note 7. So those two factors they will balance”, said the analyst of Counterpoint, Tom Kang.

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