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Samsung concludes the research of the Note 7, will share the results this same month

Note 7

Samsung launched the news at the beginning of the month last that to end of year would know what you took place to the Galaxy Note 7 for exploded and is fire. Finally, we have remained the month passed without knowing really which is what has happened, because that has not been disclosed the real reason to make such torment it happened to users who purchased which was supposed to be the best Android phone ever released.

But finally, according to publishes the Rotary Korean JoongAng Ilbo, Samsung has completed its research and will reveal them results in the middle of this month of January. By what is can know, would be a combination of factors which contributed to the failed technical of the phone, so it company Korean would be list to share the results of its research with all us.

Since I discontinued the production of the Note 7 in the month of October, Samsung launched an investigation to identify the cause behind the explosions and fires of the terminal. Samsung initially thought that the battery was the cause of the fire, and was therefore for what made a substitution of the initial units of Note 7. But when those same phones that came to replace the first began to exploit, the company finally was forced to cease production of the Galaxy Note 7.

The aim of the company right now is to regain the confidence of consumers to share the results of their research, apart from never to make the same mistakes again. We could not even imagine that it would occur if the Galaxy S8 would be in the same position, since it would be something irreparable for the brand. You can also be understood that this new flagship arrive a little later than expected, when it was the month of February on its launch.

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