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Samsung could be divided in two to enhance its value to shareholders


What happened with the Galaxy Note 7 has managed their restless minds move on the Board of Directors of Samsung and promote new actions to encourage shareholders and thus to revolutionize if themselves so that they are not doomed to this negative criticism that has hurt them in sales in recent months in which this phone had to have been a major step forward as a company.

Now we know that Samsung study divided into two according to a Korean newspaper proclaimed. It is the U.S. activist Fund Elliott Management which has proposed this division which would allow the heirs of the founding family Lee to strengthen its control in the world leader in smartphones, one of their bastions of the Empire that is the Samsung Group to General levels.

The idea is to strengthen the company’s value to shareholders with a division that would split to Samsung Electronics into a holding company and operating company, a 26,000 million special dividend to be paid, and promise to return at least 75% of free cash flow to investors.

This movement already comes from that Jay Y. Lee took the reins of the company due to the incapacity of his father, Lee Kun-hee, after an attack on the heart in 2014. Already Samsung sold non-strategic assets while he fused the two subsidiaries in 2015 to thus consolidate control of Jay Y.Lee and her two sisters.

The Board of Directors of Samsung that responds to proposals for Elliott will be after meeting Tuesday morning. We were in anticipation of this movement which would mean greater value for shareholders and a way to move forward. Not really know why, although one is bliss since the son of Kun-hee took the command of the Korean company.

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