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Samsung could show the Galaxy S8 at MWC

Galaxy S8

Already is less for the new edition of the Mobile World Congress, the largest fair telephony worldwide, its particular market. And Samsung is warming for your big event.

The manufacturer has begun to send invitations for your event which will be held next 26 February and which is expected to show a new tablet. And, according to a new rumor, during this presentation veremos a one minute video showing the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung will display some of the S8 Galaxy in its presentation of the MWC 2017

Galaxy S8

It is clear that the protagonist of the presentation will be the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, new tablet from manufacturer that appears on the same invitation from Samsung. Although they will surprise us with a video which will show your new phone.

A move that makes perfect sense, more if we note that the new flagship of the manufacturer will be not presented within the framework of the MWC, as usual, and they have to keep the expectation at all costs. Or you thought you all the torrent of leaks that has been published in different media showing the benefits of the Galaxy S8 were pure coincidence?

Through these rumors have been able to confirm that the S8 Galaxy will have a powerful processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 along with 6 or 8 GB of RAM, as well as the powerful 540 Adreno GPU.

One of the main novelties will be the position of the fingerprint reader since Samsung seems you bet to change the location of your biometric sensor that will be placed in the back of the phone. A very successful move in my opinion.

With regard to the date of presentation of Samsung Galaxy for now remains a mystery, although rumors suggest the 16 or 27 April as the official date of presentation. We will keep you informed.

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