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Samsung Electronics CEO asks the company not compromising on quality


In a highly competitive market as the smartphones, the quality of the product is, without a doubt, a matter of vital importance. Despite this, it is not something strange that often companies are facing problems of quality in some products, from the most large companies such as Google, Samsung or Apple, to much smaller size and relevance. But for Samsung, after the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7, maintain a high level of quality can be more important now than ever.

After the final withdrawal from circulation of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, much has been said and there has been speculation about the ability of the South Korean company to manage the situation, or how could fail, on several occasions, the quality controls. Now the company is preparing for the launch of its first flagship after the case Note 7, and the CEO of Samsung Electronics, Kwon Oh-hyun, reminded employees that the company must not compromise the quality of the product under any circumstances.

Kwon Oh-hyun, Chief Executive OFFICER of Samsung Electronics, gave a speech of new year directed to employees of the company that made special emphasis on the importance of maintaining the quality of the product. Yes, it is rather obvious, but nonetheless is worth recalling it, especially after the recent experience.

In said speech Oh-hyun also asked to them workers of Samsung that improve still more the processes of manufacturing and the inspections of security. Is obvious that in these moments Samsung will be being more cautious that never; the repetition of something similar to what happened with the Galaxy Note 7 could be disastrous, and not only at the economic level, but reputation and consumer confidence.

An of them reasons by which is thinks that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S8 in April instead of do it after the celebration of the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona that will have place, as each year, in February, is that is going to take more time of the “normal” to ensure is of that not is will produce no error as which led to the end of the Galaxy Note 7.

On the other hand, today it has been known that Samsung has already concluded its investigation into the fires of the Galaxy Note 7, whose results will be announced within very short.

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