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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Unpacked 2016 live where you want

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Unpacked 2016 en directo desde donde tu quieras

In just 24 hours will begin of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Unpacked 2016event, an event that same morning day 2 of August of 2016 can follow live from here same Androidsis with just click on the attached video which you leave minutes before the event starts right at the top of this post.

Although on this occasion, in addition to viewing the live event from your favorite web browser either through your Android phone from your Tablet or laptop, Samsung has us prepared some other surprise so that you can see from our terminals such Android and as if we were in the event own Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Unpacked 2016. Then if you click on “Continue reading this post” we show you ways to see one of the most interesting this year 2016 and expected events.

As have I said at the beginning of the post, if you want to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Unpacked 2016 event such and as we have lived it every year through the possibility that gives live video Streaming, we will have two distinct options to achieve this. The first of these is as I have mentioned before, just click on the video that I attached at the very beginning of the post, with a video that we can still not put by that unlike other years Samsung has not started broadcasting yet but If you’ll have available a few minutes before 5 p.m. from tomorrow day 2 of August of 2016.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Unpacked 2016 en directo desde donde tu quieras

Another way to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Unpacked 2016, is by entering the page of Samsung, clicking on this link, in which after the required prior registration and the associated mail confirmation, we will send by email to the above account, link to direct link to see the event of the year directly from any web browser , from any device and to giving us options for see it to 360 ° to the presentation of this new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 it live as if us will find in the own room of events of Samsung.

Finally, the best option we have to view this new presentation of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 event, if this is the name that ultimately will lead which without any doubt is going to be the terminal star Samsung for the end of this year, is doubtless by download and installation at our terminals Android e application VR created by Samsung that responds to the name of Unpacked 360 View Although, as it is logical, and presumably, to see this application properly, so we will have to have one of those virtual reality glasses, preferably from Samsung, the VR Gear virtual reality glasses although we assume or hope rather than this application, as well as be available for terminals Samsung and Samsung VR goggles , application developers have had the detail to make it compatible with other models of terminals Android so so can see the event Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Unpacked 2016 really virtual and 360 ° users that we have other models of different to the Korean brand virtual reality glasses.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Unpacked 2016 en directo desde donde tu quieras

In principle I’ve been looking for Unpacked 360 View application in the Play Store Google and, at least up to the time of writing this post, the application is not yet available officially in the Google app store. Also I searched it in app mirrror or on the official pages of Samsung having the same bad luck. Let us hope that morning at 5 o’clock in the afternoon Spanish time as we have the option to download it officially in the Store Play of Google, or at least provided us direct from link Samsung official website.

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