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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: concept with dual camera and the built-in iris scanner

Concepto del Galaxy Note 8

Although for a time they circulated rumors that pointed to a possible permanent cancellation of the series Note because of the problems of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung confirmed that this year will reach the market a new model called Galaxy Note 8.

As a result of this announcement, there began to be more details about the device, whose release would occur in the third quarter of this year. In addition, also leaked some specifications possible and even a diagram that shows a very similar to the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus terminal.

Now, a designer has decided to take all these details on the device to create a render of what could be the Galaxy Note 8. The image does not say many things but you can clearly see that it is a simple Galaxy S8 + with a stylus. The only big difference is the inclusion of dual cameras, a feature absent in the new flagships of Samsung.

Dual camera

The main reason why believed that Note 8 could have dual camera is the recent leak of a prototype of the S8 Galaxy + with dual camera, a prototype that was apparently cancelled by Samsung in order to leave this function exclusively for the range Note.

It is not currently known what type of dual camera could use Samsung, but assume that the company could continue on the same path as Apple and implement some sort of optical zoom or even 3D photos or a sensor, wide angle.

Fingerprint scanner built into the screen

In this concept of the Galaxy Note 8 also highlights the lack of fingerprints on the back scanner. Apparently, Samsung could draw on Sony devices and place the sensor of fingerprint on one of the sides or directly below the screen.

We know that at this time Samsung and Synaptics are working on the implementation of a fingerprint scanner built into the screen. In fact, Samsung wanted to make this possible for the S8 Galaxy but both manufacturers were left without time and technology could finally finish in Note 8.

Please note that for now no official on Galaxy Note 8 information, there but as we get closer to release we hope to go out and light more details and photos.

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