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Samsung Galaxy Note7 makes its appearance in AnTuTu


Yesterday we met that the OnePlus 3 is the King right now of AnTuTu, the benchmarking tool with which we can know if our phone hardware complies with the provisions and compare it with other smartphones to really know their performance. A tool that is worth many companies to talk about the virtues and benefits of their products, apart from the fact that it tends to be used as a source for filtration and thus go knowing the next terminal specifications.

It is now when the Samsung Galaxy Note7 has been seen in AnTuTu and the results are expected. Snapragon 820 chip has been found in the bowels of the terminal with one CPU quad – core and the 530 Adreno GPU with graphic excellence will be offered. What is strange is that it appears with this processor when it was expected that you come out with a different version such as Snapdragon 823 in the United States and China, while in other countries it would happen with Exynos 8893.

Test passed by AnTuTu also indicates that the Galaxy Note7 screen will take a resolution of 1440 x 2560. The screen could be between 5.7 inches and six in size. In relation to the RAM, while some leaks have shown that they would be 6 GB of RAM, in AnTuTu are 4 GB, something that is at least curious. We think that there will be two different options in size, one with 64 G / 4 GB and one with 128 GB / 6 GB of internal memory and RAM respectively.


Others of the qualities of this new phone from Samsung will be its c-type USB and what would be the iris scanner that has been seen in any filtration. While in the Android version is in the 6.0 in AnTuTu, when in another leak that came from Geekbench was passed directly to Android 7.0.

On 2 August is the day for the Galaxy Note 7, so still a few leaks we left on the road.

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