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Samsung has sold 90 million phones sold in the last quarter

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The blow caused by the controversy of Galaxy Note 7, the latest model of the range star in the market of the phablets which had to be withdrawn from the market by the barrage of explosions of its terminals, Samsung has an iron health.

I have already talked about the economic figures of the Korean giant, which despite the crisis follows with some very interesting benefits. Now we have known during the last quarter Samsung has sold 90 million mobile phones. Almost nothing.

Despite the crisis of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung still selling moving at a good pace

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The truth is that with the fall of the Galaxy Note 7 expected that revenues of the Seoul-based company suffered a more than remarkable recession. Nothing further from the truth.  And is that the fact that Samsung has reached the 90 million units sold makes it very clear that has not affected the manufacturer too the case Note 7. And if we have in has that the benefit half generated by their smartphones of range high round them 170 euros, Samsung has rope for time.

Another example of this improvement comes if we compare the sales of phones over the same period of last year: at the same time Samsung had sold 72 million units in 2016, which translates into an increase in sales more than remarkable: Samsung has sold 18 million telephones last year.

Huawei is one of the manufacturers that more is growing. The Asian giant has achieved the first place in terms of sales on the market in Spain and, if still working as well and introducing competitive terminals such as the acclaimed Huawei Matt 9, which left us very good feeling when you look at it, the world top end up removing the Korean manufacturer. But for now, Samsung is still King.

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