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Samsung Internet Beta, now available the internet browser

Samsung would like to create your own Android applications and was missing the manufacturer having its own browser. Until now. And it is finally available Samsung Internet Beta, a Web browser that has a number of features that differentiate it from Chrome, its main competitor.

With this move the Korean manufacturer wants to distance itself from Google solutions and show an very interesting alternative thanks to some options that will surprise you, as support for DuckDuckGo.

So Samsung Internet Beta, the powerful internet browser from the manufacturer


As I said, the innovations that come with Samsung Internet Beta are very interesting: A reader QR, support for Physical Web code, indicator for Progressive Web Apps… but there not just the thing.

Samsung Internet Beta will have compatibility with API Payment Request so we can use the Samsung Pay Services via the browser. Another very interesting point comes with possibility to enjoy 360-degree video, or the automatic price comparator to buy at Amazon.

Taking into account that the engine used is Chromium, the truth is that the application look really good. For now the application is blocked by regions, so it is not available in all countries. Anyway we leave aside the download link to Google Play Store.

A good move by Samsung launching a different application and that it has some options which at least let’s try Samsung Internet Beta, the new Web browser that the Korean manufacturer intends to stand up to the footballer Google Chrome.

And you, What do you think about this application? do you think it is necessary that Samsung launched its own internet browser having so many solutions available?

Download: Samsung Internet Beta (Free, Google Play) →

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