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Samsung may already have 12 S8 Galaxy million ready for launch

Samsung espera vender 60 millones de Galaxy S8

There is less than a month for Samsung officially present their new generation of smartphone logo, the Galaxy S8, and as that time approaches, more and more rumors and leaks appear on the network.

If yesterday showed you the filtered images confirming the South Korean brand he has decided to keep the connector 3.5 mm headphone jack, now a new report points out that Samsung may already have up to 12 million units available so that customers can make reservations much before the release date, scheduled for mid-April.

The information comes from the Vietnamese site, and is revealing because Samsung has a factory in that country, where the Galaxy S8 has already begun to be manufactured, according to this same report, which adds that the company plans to produce 4.7 million units of the phone in March and other 7.8 million units in April. What we don’t know, because the report has not detailed what, is how many of those phones shall be consistent with the Galaxy 5.8 inches, and many with the Galaxy S8 S8 + 6.2 inches.

Although the figures, of course, have not been confirmed by Samsung, since Android Authority observed so that it seems reasonable that the company wants to be ready with as many units as possible until they go on sale.

On the other hand, the large number of filtered images could be another indication that the production has already started.

If everything follows the expected course, Samsung Galaxy S8 will be presented officially at a special press event on March 29 from the city of New York (United States). In addition, expected the launch occurring in mid-April and at the global level, rather than remove it in first on sale in a few countries to then expand to other parts of the world a few weeks later.

Note: dedicated to our reader Rafi, which loves the leaks of the Galaxy S8 😜 don’t read us!

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