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Samsung Mini Pay announced for phones not Samsung

Samsung Pay Mini

Payment for mobile platforms are increasingly catching on more and if the own Samsung have exclusively to their own smartphones with your Samsung Pay, has today announced plans to bring this service to Android phones not of your own brand.

So you can already say that Samsung Pay Mini is official. The new service will offer online shopping to smartphones not Samsung who download the dedicated app. In order to use Samsung Pay Mini will be required to use Android 5.0 or higher and a resolution of at least 1280 x 720 screen or HD.

Access to membership, life style and Samsung Pay transportation services is included in the given service. What will not be covered will be the ability to make purchases offline stores.

Samsung is also planning to include a new feature in Samsung Pay Mini called Shopping, which will be in charge of connected with purchasing services online local have partnered with the Korean brand. This feature is also added to the Samsung Pay app.

Currently, the Korean manufacturer Samsung Pay Mini plans will be launching the beta on February 6, with a full launch in Korea for the first quarter of the year.

And while it is not yet as functional as Samsung Pay having payments offline, Samsung would be waiting for users to test a phone Samsung and Samsung Pay full experience, after passing through the Samsung Pay Mini app. The only current handicap for this purpose is that we who are outside their country of origin will have to wait a bit to access Samsung Pay Mini, since the plans are unknown for its release outside South Korea.

So at the moment we will have to have patience to try the experience of payments of Samsung Pay Mini. At the moment we can see this service on its website.

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