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Samsung Pay is now available in Spain

Samsung Pay

Payments for mobile will be turning into something quite routine in our lives as being a smartphone with sensor of fingerprint that we unlock easily and fast. The incorporation of this sensor has been vital to expand these mobile payment services to those who are the vast majority of the more popular manufacturers that have joined. Android Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay are some of them. As you can see, are not original and focus on its brand name and the word “Pay” that saves it all so that users know that they can use their service or smartphone to pay.

From the day today, Samsung Pay now available in Spain and it is the first European country in which Samsung launches this service for payments by mobile phone. It works with CaixaBank and imaginBank, where the service is also available to Abanca and Banco Sabadell. So today June 2, begins service payments Samsung Pay in our country. You can use the NFC from our Samsung Galaxy smartphone to pay at any store, which will allow us to save out the portfolio and give the card to the girl or boy is boxed. A novelty that takes its first steps to a path that goes directly towards a future that will be very normal use of a smartphone for payments.

Samsung Pay in Spain

Having said that, you may ask you where you can use your Galaxy smartphone for mobile payments, and that they have been numerous commercial establishments that have been prepared for the occasion such as El Corte Ingles, La Sureña, Fridays, Ginos, group day, Cepsa, MediaMarkt, Mercadona, Starbucks or 100 Montaditos. These have already arranged contactless terminals for customers to use Samsung Pay from your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. By the way, only the Galaxy S6 and S7 are compatible with Samsung Pay.

List of compatible devices

  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The operation of the service may not be easier, as you approach your telephone to the PIN pad and pay immediately as if it were a contactless card. Mobile Samsung Pay payment brings in combination technology NFC and MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission). Moment in our country, it is only compatible with NFC.

Samsung Pay

Those who have an account with La Caixa and imaginbank you can add your VISA and MasterCard credit cards, whether debit and credit, to begin to pay for these mentioned establishments.

One of the details of the payments for mobile Samsung Pay is that the lower the amount of €20 will only require the footprint without having to enter the PIN.

How to use Samsung Pay

Fingerprint touch sensor comes into play When you go to confirm payment after approach device, since you must pass your finger so you register it and pay the. And as happens with other services, like own of CaixaBank that allows you to use your fingerprint to log into your account, you can make payments online from the ease of use that means your smartphone.

Samsung Pay

The data always will be encoded on the card and stored securely. As I have said, you need fingerprints to confirm the payment of anything you buy with Samsung Pay. And if it is the case that we lose or have stolen us phone, you can turn it off instantly.

If you have an account at La Caixa, any of the 5 models Samsung Galaxy and want to begin to make mobile payments in any of the aforementioned establishments, only you have to download the application, register the footprint and associated with the card. This is done, you can also pay with your mobile phone without major concerns.

Download: Samsung Pay (Free, Google Play) →

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