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Samsung revenues per quarter are not affected by Note 7


Samsung would have spent close to the 1,800 million dollars instead of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7, but expected a growth of 5.6 percent in revenue for the third quarter of the year. A horror movie which continues to live Samsung with those millions of devices that were affected by the problem of battery.

According to a Korean newspaper, its benefits could reach 7,000 million dollars from July to September, much is what won over the same period of the year and that previous estimates deduced. So it can be seen as the manufacturer was having a great quarter when he started the battery problems.

Young Woo Kim, an SK Securities analyst, said that the business of screens and chip of Samsung has produced about half of those revenues. The company is the leading manufacturer of chips for computers and also leads the production of screens OLED. It also helps to find these figures that Galaxy S7 sales have not been affected by the problems of Galaxy Note 7.

Of all forms, is the own Woo Kim which believes that its business mobile has lowered to the level more low in the three last quarters in the period of July to September. Already know as Sasmung began the program recall at the beginning of September after receiving enough reports of units exploding due to batteries in State defective.

With regard to profits for the quarter, it is not all gold that glitters, since its sales fell by 5 per cent over the previous year. The analysts believe that its benefits only continue to due to their screens OLED and their chips for computers. For end of this month Sasmung will publish a report more details of their earnings.

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