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Samsung, sentenced to pay $ 11 million to Huawei for patent infringement

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Since last summer, the South Korean company Samsung makes more than stumbling stone on stone, but the truth is that it does not seem that this will happen Bill.

Once the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had to be suspended at the end of last year, the head of the company was arrested by a scandal of corruption and now, a Chinese court condemns to Samsung to pay 80 million Yuan (11.6 million dollars) to Huawei for patent infringement.

According to the information published by the Reuters news agency, Huawei claimed a total of five companies in China, three of her ownership of Samsung, “manufacture and sell more than 20 types of smartphones and tablets from Samsung” that violated its patents. Now, these five companies must stop infringing copyright of Huawei and Samsung should pay damages, according to the statement.

Huawei asked compensation based on more than “30 million products” which sold for a total of “12,700 million dollars”; between them would also be Galaxy S7, according to Reuters. The company china requested compensation for “the unlicensed use of communications technology cell of fourth-generation (4 G), operating systems and software in the Samsung phones user interface”.

A Huawei spokesman has told Reuters that the company is satisfied with the decision of the Court however, from Samsung, says is that the company will decide if used or not decision once you have reviewed the decision of the Court.

Ultimately, it seems that the conviction of 11 million dollars to Samsung might be a very small for Huawei win, especially considering the huge figures of sales of Samsung products, or if compared with the 548,2 million dollars which could have to pay Apple next month of June when the long-standing United States patent dispute comes to an end.

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