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Samsung signs an agreement with timing for the stabilization of video existing in the matte 9


An appeared in rotating Swedish press release provides details about a new agreement that is being reported in these moments for what would be an association between Imint and Samsung.

Imint is the company that is based in “the intelligence of it image” and that has State developing its own suite of software of improves of video in time real for a variety of applications for Defense, Aeronautics and industry. In 2012 was when the company is ventured in the improvement of video in time real in the space of it mobile.

The product in question is called Vidhance and three of its major benefits are an advanced video stabilization; It will continue to live Auto Zoom, with which you can choose a subject and video software; and Auto Curate, an algorithm that automatically publishes videos of long duration in short sequences, something akin to what makes Google photos.

The agreement between Samsung with Imint explicitly excludes Samsung smartphones equation, which means that you can not be seen in the S8 Galaxy, although the agreement could mean some plans of the company for any type of camera that requires stabilization of great quality video.

It is curious that this software is currently in Huawei Matt 9, specifically in the matte 9 porch Design variant, so it is not at all variants of this device. The presence of video stabilization algorithm varies by country and EMUI 5.0 devices.

It seems that Samsung is interested in bringing before this company for what would be in the near future come to some agreement to implement it on their smartphones, something that seems exclusive to Huawei and that would surely be enrolled in the signed between the Chinese company and the Swedish.

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