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Samsung test with an update to Nougat to the S6 Galaxy edge +

S6 edge+

One of the main criticisms that receives the Korean manufacturer Samsung, apart from those that have stayed with the exclusive of the Snapdragon 835 for single and selfish plan, receives is the slowness of the arrival of updates Android to those terminals carrying more than 1 year in the market. We would be talking about the Galaxy S6 series of high-end that see and want to have Nougat officially.

When the HTC One M9 is already receiving Nougat, we now know that those in their Galaxy S6, S6 edge or S6 edge + would not have to worry much about your upgrade, as Samsung has confirmed that they will receive it in the first half of 2017. Today the three have been shown in the results of a benchmark with Nougat test builds.

This hopes to make not later both the arrival of Nougat in these three devices. It Galaxy S6 edge + was the last in make their appearance, what confirms that the S6 edge more thick of all will have their ration Nougat as the rest of this series S6.

Samsung Android Nougat version includes some updates quite interesting as it is S Finder redesigned Quick Panel integrated, windows that are divided and emerge, a new mode of performance added with four types of optimizations for the entertainment and the life of the battery, and what would be the Manager of Samsung Pass logins.

The rest of terminals that receive updates Nougat in the first half of 2017 include the 5 Note Galaxy, the Galaxy Tab A with S Pen, the Galaxy Tab S2 (unlocked LTE), Galaxy A3 and A8 Galaxy.

A little patience for these Galaxy that they are the first to receive Nougat, unlike other terminals that Yes are taken care of better shape, even when they are a year old.

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