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Samsung that will reveal your next tablet at the MWC this month

Galaxy Tab S3

Yesterday emerged an of them first news more relevant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, the new tablet of the manufacturer Korean that us will allow attend to an event in the MWC where is will speak of a terminal related with the brand that has last autumn of present their Galaxy S8 in the CITES in Barcelona.

It is the same Samsung which clarifies that first news to say that it has no big to announce at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the tablet Galaxy Tab S3. It just passed by FCC, and two Korean publications are which have leaked their specifications to thus confirm the news of yesterday.

As is said, tended a processor Snapdragon 820, 4 GB of memory RAM, camera back of 12 megapixels, a front of 5 MP in the part front, Android 7.0 Nougat and a screen of 9.6 inches with resolution 2048 by 1536 in a body of 5.6 mm of thickness.

While is merely a update of the hardware for replace to the model above, is expected that Samsung us surprised with a design slightly different and that go more according them new times that come with those devices that not have bezels. The image teaser not is that teach ones bezels fine, but it corners rounded for what would be a button centered in the part superior.

We’ll see how comes this new tablet from Samsung for a market of such devices which is stagnant. The sales of the manufacturer Korean with this type of products will have slowed in 2016 with a year after year in a decline of the 14.7 percent in distributions global. IDC maintains that things will change to positive in 2018.

The company will make the great ad the 26 of February in the MWC in Barcelona to the 19:00 hours. An interesting device in format tablet that does not try to innovate much in hardware, we will see in the design.

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